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Hire your own 55 foot Luxury Yacht or 47 foot luxury ketch. Both sleep 6 adults  in 3 speretae double cabins and 2 children on sofia saloon beds. Our expert Captain and crew take you on an adventure of a life time.

Price is inclusive of food accmmodation,  water sport equiplemnt and transfer from Lombok International airport. Alchol is extra and your can BYO. The price quoted is based on 24 hours.

The daily ferry ride from Bali costs $60 per person to Marina Del Ray where your adventure starts.

you can decide how many days you wish to book.

There are  16 islands on the Western Coast of Lombok between Bali to visit. a 4 night/day charter is best to ensure you have plenty of time to see these islands and relax at the same time.

Seven nights onboard would allow you to circumnaviagete Lombok and visit 18 islands and the southern bays on Lomboks stunning south coats.

Ten Nights would be enough time to see 2o islands of Lombok and Sumbawa.

Simple choose the nights within your budget and we will take care of teh details.

Once you book we will send you a questionaire on your preferance of food, place to see, sports you want to do and the type of alchol you prefer.


Imagine the feeling of island hopping a beautiful and largely, undiscovered archipelago just 25 KM from Bali!


Experiencing a rich tropical paradise woven in a tapestry of mystery, culture and breathtaking scenery, pristine turquoise bays easy living sailing aboard one of our luxury Indonesian yacht charters.

Spend your holidays relaxing under bright blue sunny skies feeling the balmy tropical monsoon wind as it cools you while enjoying the many water sports and activities we have available.

Dance away the nights under the Milky Way and admire its reflection on the smooth silky phosphorescent filled sea, like a scene from the movie Avatar you will never forget the Great Southern Gili Islands of Indonesia.


Thirteen “specs of paradise” form part of the Myriads of secluded white sandy pristine bays, anchorages and deserted islands around the southern Gili islands that are dotted with shady palm trees that sway gently with the dry south east monsoon winds that blow almost all year.


This is as close as you will get to discover, Paradise, a holiday you will never forget. Max Guests 6 Adults and 2 children. Price includes food, accommodation, soft drinks and water sport equipment. Alchol is charged at bar prices. Cost is based on a one day 24 hour charter and can be extended from one to 5 nights. Airport transfers from Lombok international airport included.


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Mailing Address: PT Marine Del Ray Tanjungan Desa Gili Gede, Kec. Sekotong NTB Lombok, Indonesia,83365.

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