Marina Facilities


Long term and short Term moorings are available. Mooring sizes can accommodate all yachts from 10 meters to 40 meters and are available on request.  Marina Berths will be available by the end of 2013 and will provide power and water facilities


Diesel (Solar) and Petrol (Bensin) quantities over 400 Liters require 24hr notice for supply.  Please note Indonesian law permits Boats that are used for commercial purposes are exempt from subsidized fuel. The rates above quoted are no subsidized rates


Bottled drinking water is available for sale and fresh water supply to re-fill boat tanks or wash down is available


Local laundry service is available. we pick up your laundry for a weigh and pay service on the boat

Wi Fi              

Internet service Wi-Fi is available here

Labor Rates       

Boat cleaning, general maintenance, stainless and fiberglass polishing, Hull cleaning services is available. Specialized repairs and services are available, please email [email protected] details of what you need help, supply or repair of and will endeavor to assist you

Food & Provisioning

A regular transit service operates from the Marina to Bali. Please advise what supplies you will require in advance and we will endeavor to assist you. Mataram in Lombok has good supplies of fresh food, groceries and alcohol and is certainly worth a day trip by Taxi

Transport to Bali

Our Gili Gede fast boat service offers a direct transit to Bali from our Gili islands in Lombok. The trip takes 90 minutes and we are endeavoring in the near future to offer a regular daily schedule. Cost per ticket USD$ return $100.00

Haul out facilities

Thirty Minutes by boat is Lembar Harbor where we are affiliated with PT Marine. A 40 Tonne Travel lift service is available on request. Yacht Owners should email [email protected] for details and rates.

Dock Yard Facilities

Remove your boat from water, Parking, To put the boat back in the water, Power is available, Labour for cleaning boat, Skilled workers, Dry Storage is available.

Note : We need 2 weeks’ of the date required for a Haul out!

We need a full description of your yacht or Catamaran, its draft, beam, width and weight and a photo of her above and below her water line to confirm a booking. Access to the yard is tide dependent on a full tide, we will help you with this planning.

Taxi Service 

A Taxi Service to Lombok International airport is available. 2 hours transit should be allowed. The approx. cost of a Taxi is USD $20. A car hire service is also available on request, including a guide the cost is USD$ 50 per day. Please book a Taxi to Marina De Ray Gili Gede at least 4 hours prior to departure +62370627000 (it takes 2 hours for the Taxi to come from Mataram)

Immigration & Customs Lombok Indonesia

Resent changes to Indonesian Law has made it possible to leave you yacht in Indonesian waters indefinitely provided a temporary import document is provided. Essentially this document gives a guarantee to the Indonesian government that you will not sell, dispose or operate your vessel commercially while in Indonesian waters.  You provide a estimate of your vessels value, sign a statutory declaration and pay $150 yearly and you can stay as long as you want to. The CAIT system is still applicable and must be renewed every 3 months at a cost of $150.00.

It is best to arrange a 60 day social Visa with an Indonesian embassy before entering Indonesian waters. Extensions can be arranged on request to [email protected]. If participating in the Sail Indonesia Rally, participants should contact us for correct legislation pertaining to yachts wanting to remain and stay in Indonesia