Welcome to Lombok Marina Del Ray

Lombok Marina Del Ray Location is Longitude 08:45S Latitude 115:55E, Our marina location affords all year round protection from all wind directions, particularly the NW monsoon which occurs from October to March each year, followed by a transition period with the onset of the South East trades, establishing themselves in June.

CMAP chart 2013 – Lombok Marina Del Ray


There are 2 entrances to our Marina

Northerly Entrance – approach way point 1 north. 08.43.380 S 115.56.200 E

From way point 1 approach in a southerly direction bearing 186 degrees for approx 2.6 Nm to way point 08.45.490 S 115.56.15E. Rounding the southern tip of Gili Gede between main land Lombok, there is a 900 meter wide passage of navigable water with an average depth of 20 meters. Approach our marina location at 08.45.600 S 115.55.96 E. As you round the southern tip it will be obvious of the location.

Westerly Entrance – approach way point 1 West. 08.42.256 S 115.52.210 E

From way point approach on a bearing of 140 degrees for distance of approx. 4.5Nm. Keeping a look out for a pearl farm on port side, approach way point 2 West – 08.45.740 S 115.55.100 E. you will find a navigable transit passage with a average depth of 20 meters, once arriving at way point 2 west, turn towards the marina.

Indonesia MAP – Marina Del Ray Location
MAPing of Marina Del Ray

How to find Lombok Marina Del Ray and how to get there?

Lombok Marina Del Ray has strategic location on Gili Gede Island, only one hour from the new Lombok International Airport by taxi and only 2 hours from Bali International Airport by Gili Gede fast boat. Gili Gede Island where Lombok Marina Del Ray based is naturally protected from the North West and South East trade winds resulting in calm water 12 months of the year. Five-minute boat ride from Lombok mainland logistically perfect and ten-minute boat ride to Lembar harbor. Lombok Marina Del Ray is the only one of Indonesia marina that the location offer all year round safe protection for yacht and boats in idyllic surrounding of the 13 islands in Lombok, compare Marina in Bali, Marina in Jakarta and Marina in Indonesia generally.

Lombok MAP – Marina Del Ray Location

Lombok Marina Del Ray Location

Gili Gede Island MAP – Marina Del Ray Location

Gili Gede Island Map

Please Note:

Current Navionics charts have reliable information on our location. CM93 charts are inaccurate & do not portray the correct information and in fact show Gili Gede attached to the mainland by reef, this is untrue because those charts have not been updated since the original Dutch Charts were made and a survey of the South West Gili’s was never done (The main reason why this location still remains UN spoil and ideal).

For further assistance we advise:

If unsure contact Rahman on +6287 8642 84445 or  Ray La Fontaine on +6281246076042. Yachts are well advised to inform their ETA via email – [email protected] 24 hours in advance.